Educational Facilities

The educational facilities at Iowa’s Dairy Center help visitors understand dairy beyond the farm through unique, one-of-a-kind displays. From history to nutrition, dairy breeds and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Iowa’s Dairy Museum

This collection of dairy memorabilia features the early tools of the dairying trade while giving visitors a past-to-present lesson on Iowa's dairy industry. Items were collected from various donors, including the original pieces of the Iowa Holstein Museum. The display features collections of milk bottles, butter presses, breed magazines and much more!

Did you know? Donations to Iowa’s Dairy Museum are accepted, however, space is limited. Please contact us if you are interested in donating an item to confirm space availability.

See for yourself: Iowa’s Dairy Museum is open weekdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Hall of Breeds

The Hall of Breeds features photos and facts of some of the most notable Iowa cows from each of the seven major breeds. Located in the corridor between Iowa’s Dairy Museum and the Parlor Viewing Area, the Hall of Breeds is open 24/7. Visitors can learn about the breed characteristics and the accomplishments of each cow, which includes both honors for production and type.

Did you know? Each of the cows pictured on the wall were selected by Iowa dairy farmers after competitive voting.

See for yourself: The Hall of Breeds is open 24/7. On weekends and during after hours, visitors can access from near the Parlor Viewing Area.

Dairy Cow’s Diet, Digestive System and Production

From grass to glass, learn about a dairy cow’s diet, digestive system and impressive daily production. Located between the Hall of Breeds and the Parlor Viewing Area, this display is open 24/7.Visitors can learn about the four unique compartments of a dairy cows stomach and how a cow is able to convert feed into 192 glasses of milk each day.

Did you know? The cow statue featured in this display was made by Norma “Duffy” Lyon who was famous for sculpting the butter cow at the Iowa State Fair for over four decades.

See for yourself: The Dairy Cow’s Digestive System and Daily Production display is open 24/7. On weekends and during after hours, visitors can access from near the Parlor Viewing Area.

Nutrition Room

You know dairy is good for you, but now you can see why. The Nutrition Room at Iowa’s Dairy Center features colorful, floor-to-ceiling graphics to help understand the importance of dairy in your diet. Located in Room 118, visitors will learn milk’s journey from farm to store, the importance of dairy in a healthy diet, the benefits of chocolate milk and an interactive display showing nutrient comparisons to other foods.

Did you know? Current dietary guidelines recommend three servings of dairy every day.

See for yourself: The Nutrition Room is open weekdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and is accessed near the museum.