NICC Agriculture

It is estimated that agriculture will need to feed nine billion people by 2050 as the ever-increasing world population increases with growing food demands. Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) provides education in Ag Business, Dairy Science, Beef Science and Large Animal Veterinary Technician programs at the world-class facility in Calmar, Iowa known as Iowa's Dairy Center.

Students can enter immediately into the agriculture and dairy industry workforces, transfer as juniors to four year institutions, or work in the animal health care or cropping industries. The learning environment for these programs is unparalleled; what sets us apart from other institutions is the focus on hands-on learning.

Students can double major any animal science major with Ag Business by staying enrolled for only one additional semester.

Contact our faculty today with questions:

Ag Business and Agronomy: Tad Mueller at (563) 534-9957 ext. 8111
Dairy Science: Dave Lawstuen at (563) 534-9957 ext. 8112
Beef Science: Sara Schaefer at (563) 534-9957 ext. 8105
Large Animal Veterinary Technician: Dr. Chris Harvey at (563) 534-9957 ext. 8118

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