Calf Barn

All calves born on the farm are housed in the state-of-the-art calf barn built in 2004.

The east wing features 30 individual pens with removable dividers for easy cleaning. The bedding system starts with a layer of river rock, which is then covered by a felt tarp and straw is placed in the tarp. This system pulls moisture away from the body of the calf, down through the bedding and tarp-covered rock and eventually into a liquid holding tank,- keeping the calves clean and dry. Calves stay in individual pens until they are weaned at eight to nine weeks of age. They then move to group pens on the west side of the calf barn.

The center room is used for milk preparation, bedding storage and an area to clean feeding equipment. Since spring of 2008, our calves are fed using our own cow's milk that has undergone the pasteurization process.

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