Iowa's Dairy Story

The Foundation partners with Iowa State University Extension to educate youth about the importance of dairying and dairy products through a program called Iowa's Dairy Story.

Iowa's Dairy Story hones in on a target audience of third, fourth and fifth grade children and their teachers. The program not only includes interactive nutritional information on the value of dairy products in a healthy diet, but it also takes students on the journey of how green grass becomes milk in their glass with the help of true economic engines - dairy cows. At the end of the day, students also have the opportunity to make homemade ice cream!

This program rates high with teachers and students, of which over 12,000 have visited. The program is guided by volunteers, Dairy Center staff and Iowa State University Extension personnel who lend their first-hand dairy experience to bring the Iowa Dairy Story to life.

To schedule a day on the farm for dairy story contact:

Becky Rea
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
(563) 568-6345

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